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“The Distress Kit” official music video has landed!

This video is dedicated to Paul & Sarah Briggs from Clinton, IL. Paul handcrafted The Distress Kit box as seen in this video. This gift meant a lot to me because I know Paul put a lot of work into it; but, most of all because it came from the heart. I love you both! I also want to shout out to Team Illinois and my fans in the Clinton area (where the video was shot) for your die hard support and dedication to the LaFa movement!!! #Swuego #LaFaMillyunaires #TheDistressKit

Nate Millyunz “Came Up”

Nate Millyunz - Distress Kit
Nate Millyunz New Single “Came Up” off his first full length album “The Distress Kit” was recently approved for rotation on 103.7 HNS Radio. Here is part of the email communication that was sent to Nate’s manager: “We would like to give you a congrats, HNS sets the bar very high on everything we play. This means you or your artist is one of the hottest unsigned artists out there, with industry ready super hot tracks.” Help Nate hit their top 3 countdown (8pm and 8am est. Mon-Fri . He needs fans to listen and request “Came UP in the comments.

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