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Nate Millyunz has brought you sound, singles and style but the LaFaMillyunaires movement is something you bring yourself. LaFa is not a fan base, it’s a family. It’s a family where everyone is rich, not in cash, but in a common culture. LaFa is a movement, a society of individuals who share interests and experiences. It’s a family for people who would rather die rich with a million memories, than a million dollars.

Nate Millyunz mix-tape “50 SHADES” will be available on May 7, 2015. This project is a follow- up project to his “The Distress Kit” album. For more information visit www.natemillyunz.com

Nate Millyunz is excited to be approaching the highly anticipated release of “50 SHADES”. The mix-tape “50 SHADES” will be available on May 7, 2015. This project is a follow- up project to his “The Distress Kit” album that released February 2014, and his “Waves” E.P. which released early September 2014. As always, Nate’s intention for the project is to display versatility in his writing and composition while showing his progression from previous projects. Nate kicked off the first single release from “50 SHADES” with an official music video for his “LifeSaver” track. This was a very deep track, and was crafted to hit home with anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one in any form. The lyrics to the hook are guaranteed to resonate with listeners who have experienced a loss.

Be on the look-out for his single “Equilibrium” which displays Nate’s ability to cross over into the R&B realm. This song gives his perspective on a relationship that is completely bad for both parties. This is a record that many will be able to relate to. Nate paints a vivid picture of a woman who is perfectly beautiful in a physical aspect, however she is controlling and bad for him behind closed doors.

Somewhere in the middle of this mix-tape, listeners will come across a track named “Summer Soltice” featuring N7NDEZ (who’s album “1821” will be released early summer with a song correlating perfectly to this one). This song was written “unconsciously” so to speak, meaning the lyrics are left to the listener to interpret. Produced completely from scratch by Nate and N7NDEZ, this is one track you do not want to skip on the project.

“No Man’s Land” may be low-key, but is one of the most lyrical songs on the entire project. In this song, Nate subliminally speaks on his struggles in the world of music and relationships. The song is fundamentally based on how you can’t trust people in the music industry, as everyone is out for themselves. The big final question is always, “what song will knock my speakers the hardest?” Nate has a few tracks that are solid rebuttals for that. Be sure to check out the trippy hit record “Brainwash” which has a visual currently in the works. In this single, Nate aims to impress with one of his most deadly flows yet.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Millyunz recruits labelmate & reptilian kin, GRHYME, to bring you the “Skreet Anthem of 2015”. This record will bring the gorillas out the trunk in a hood near you.

With a predictable hook that any dropout can easily recite, Skrate Hunnits comes hot off the griddle with Millyunz first at bat. Not surprisingly, The Crazy Bastard himself silences any naysayer with his confidence paired with nonchalance & unpredictable rhyme schemes. Shouting out the 024 skrate out the gate, Farmington’s area code (55024) G sets the stage for a grim night out in Minneapolis.

To push the knife in for the kill, GRHYME responds with his dopest verse yet. A beast is unleashed over who would have guessed? 16 bars. Be sure to roll through your city wit the windows down just let em’ know who run it.

The mix- tape is 17 songs. As a special bonus to all of his supporters, the “WAVES” E.P. (5 additional songs) will also be included on all hard copies of the new mix-tape. Pre-Order your hard copy today for FREE on his online store at www.natemillyunz.com .